LATEST FROM THE PASS: Enthusiastic uptake of fine dining at home


The Pass – 21st September 2021
Article by Karina Smith


“Our lockdown menu is not about the number of covers, it’s about engagement of our whole team and the energy that comes from that.” Josep Espuga Culinary Director at Pt. Leo Estate is justifiably proud of Pt. Leo at Home. In just over 24 hours, after Lockdown #6 announcement, the team managed to design a menu, craft at-home instructions, arrange delivery and add some special flourishes… a unique at-home Spotify playlist and environmental packaging. “Pt. Leo at Home was a great opportunity to engage the team. It’s so easy to lose staff when they are not involved in the kitchen.” Josep refers to the difficulties of staff retention faced by the whole industry during lockdown. “This energy will keep us focused on summer, which is just around the corner, and we expect will be very busy.”

Pt. Leo at Home is a blend of 80 per cent Pt. Leo Restaurant (the main dining room) and 20 per cent Laura (their fine dining). “This allowed for all those special occasions that families are celebrating during lockdown.” And customer feedback has been rapturous. Saturday deliveries see as many covers as pre-pandemic in their main dining room.


Image: Chris McConville


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