Kid Friendly Wineries in Mornington Peninsula

Source – Wine Regions
January 28 2022

You find the best kid friendly wineries in Mornington Peninsula and you’ve found the key to a relaxing holiday. You go do a wine tasting, they’re occupied, which means no screaming children while you’re enjoying the fruits of an abundant region; it’s a win-win situation. We’ve handpicked a quiver of wineries in Mornington Peninsula so you can switch off, kick back and enjoy a day without stress.

This stunning winery is a winner. It’s a little classier than your average kid friendly winery in Mornington Peninsula and probably more suited if your kids are above 5 years. 

Firstly, the restaurant is impeccable, serving an extensive menu of innovative dishes incorporating locally sourced ingredients served in an Australian fusion fashion that delights the senses to say the least. Your best bet is to feed the kids beforehand with a homemade toasty and send them out to play while you enjoy the indulging experience that is Pt. Leo.

The best part? From the restaurant, you have a panoramic view of the surrounding vineyard. There are some incredible sculptures that the kids can explore as well as an open outside dining area where they can retire with a lemonade while they wait for you to finish up with your meal or tasting experience. 

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