Lily Lapper

Laura Restaurant Manager

With over 10 years of experience in the hospitality and wine industry, Lily has worked among an array of iconic and highly regarded venues in Melbourne, the Carlton Wine Room, The European group’s Siglo, Neapoli Wine Bar and Melbourne Supper Club. At Napoli, Lily created the series “Napoli Arts Bar” transforming the space into a gallery for local artists, as-well as writing a wine list which received 2 glasses at the Wine List of the Year Awards. Enriched through a plethora of study at the Wine Scholar Guild, Sommeliers Australia and The Wine & Spirit Education Trust, Lily has experience in some exceptional internationally recognised vineyards on the Peninsula at; McLaren Vale, Ocean Eight, Main Ridge Estate and Eldridge Estate.

Determined to present fine dining in a more approachable manner for guests, Lily delivers a thoughtful food and beverage experience in Laura, exuding uncompromising passion, warmth, and attention to detail to every service. Whether it’s a birthday, proposal or an overdue family catch up, the ethos behind the service Lily leads in Laura is unchangeable – to create a unique and cherished memory for guests. Lily utilises the perception of depth and tranquillity of sculpture ‘Laura’ to elevate the guests dining experience ensuring the authenticity of place.

Lily was born in the UK, grew up in New Zealand and moved to Australia in 2012, where a passion for hospitality developed from a young age, with Lily’s mother responsible for the integral role of food and wine in her life. The fond memories of her mother’s dinner parties, were where Lily witnessed the planning out of menus weeks in advance, markets being trawled for the best ingredients and the transformation of the dining table into a work of art. Lily associates this curation and creative process required in hosting a dinner party to ensure a bespoke dining experience, as transferable to her role in leading a unique service in Laura. Valuing the importance of sustainability and supporting local suppliers, Lily appreciates Laura’s innovative kitchen and refined expression of dining, inspired and sustained by the seasonal produce of the surrounding region.

What is your favourite Pt. Leo Estate sculpture

An unbiased favourite sculpture is Laura. Attributed to witnessing guests’ reactions to her scale and beauty, often mesmerised as they view her for the first time.

What is your favourite Pt. Leo Estate beverage?

Drink of choice is a Negroni Royale (topped up with Pt. Leo Estate 2018 Methode Traditionelle)

What is your favourite Pt. Leo Estate dish?

Amuse and bread  in Laura – House made fresh cheese, Pt Leo’s veggie garden pumpkin brioche, smoked persimmon soda. Beautifully autumnal. Showcases some quality Victorian produce. Pumpkins are from our garden. A thoughtful and delicious way to start a meal in Laura.

What is your favourite thing to do on the Mornington Peninsula?

Lily’s favourite secluded spot on the Peninsula is Diamond Bay. Two wineries she recommends are Taturry and Main Ridge Estate, both run by incredible people. Tedesca is her favourite restaurant and she loves visiting the Fisherman that sells his daily catch from his beach box at Fisherman’s beach. In the summer, Lily surfs down at Pt Leo beach and recommends the guys at Trigger Brothers for anyone wanting to learn.

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