Three Pack – Sparkling, Pinot Gris & Rosé


Non-Vintage Sparkling

Pinot Gris from C block and a small amount of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from a combination of blocks was picked the third week of February 2020. The fruit was chilled overnight before gently whole bunch pressing the following day. After 36 hours the clear juice was racked into another tank for primary and Malolactic fermentation. The finished wine was bottled in August 2020 after a short time on yeast lees. The aim with this wine is for early enjoyment on any occasion.

Nose: Aromas of pear and peach with hints of and fresh flowers and bread.

Palate: Fine bead with elegance and freshness. Flavours similar to the aromas with good length and persistence. A very easy drinking sparkling wine.

Pinot Gris 2019


Winemaking: Hand-picked fruit was harvested on two occasions aiming for more complex flavours. The fruit was gently whole-bunch pressed into a tank and settled for 48 hours. The juice spending time on Pinot Gris & Chardonnay skins. The clear juice was then transferred to another tank and yeast (selected for its enhancement of the Pinot Gris fruit aromas and flavours) was added for fermentation. The wine was bottled in August 2019.

Nose: A floral bouquet of white flowers, green apples, pear and jasmine with almond and spice showing though. The aroma is powerful and hints at an incredibly textural wine.

Palate: Flavours as suggested by the aromas but with unrestrained elegance. The flavours of green apples, pear and jasmine are fleshy and pulpy with a delightful creamy quality that mingles with a soft yet persistent acidity. The wine builds to a taut finish and hints of musk, spice and red apple lingering on the palate. This wine will be best enjoyed over the next two years.

This wine pack includes:

  • Pt. Leo Estate Non-Vintage Sparkling (one bottle)
  • 2019 Pt. Leo Estate Pinot Gris (one bottle)
  • 2020 Pt. Leo Estate Rosé (one bottle)