Two Friends Pinot Noir 2018


Two Friends Pinot Noir 2018

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Winemaking: Hand-picked fruit is destemmed without crushing and elevated into small open fermenters. The must is left un-inoculated for 2-3 days. When fermentation is observed cultured yeast is added. Fermentation temperatures peak at around 32°C and during fermentation the cap is plunged up to 3 times per day. 2-3 days after fermentation is complete, the must is gently pressed and transferred into tanks where it undergoes MLF before winter. The wine is racked once in the spring and is racked again in early February for bottling in December 2018.

Nose: Bursts out of the glass with a juby, floral & highly perfumed red fruit characteristic.

Palate: A crowd pleasing explosion of raspberries, strawberries and sweet spice. The wine leaps out of the glass with the vibrancy of summer fruit with the acidity present to prevent the wine from becoming tiring. A delightful, unpretentious wine to be served cool. This very nicely balanced wine will be best enjoyed over the next five years (longer if you like aged Pinot Noir).