Pt. Leo Estate’s Culinary Director, Josep Espuga joins the World Culinary Council of Relais & Châteaux as ambassador for Australia, New Zealand and Pacific.

Representing Pt. Leo Estate and Laura, one of three Australian appointments to the international culinary association, Josep Espuga joins an esteemed team of twenty-one Chefs ambassadors and leaders of the Relais & Châteaux cuisine. This star-studded cast made up of multi-Michelin star awarded chefs makes for impressive company.

The group represents the diversity of the world’s cuisines and holds the mission of promoting the Relais & Châteaux brand internationally. Above all else, they are committed to ethical cuisine and the environment. They are committed to animate and federate the chefs of their delegation and to centralise their needs and expectations.

The Relais & Châteaux ideology promotes culinary experiences as emotional, the food a commitment made by the men and women who create and prepare it as representative of their local culture. Four ideas shape this pursuit of excellence – authenticity, creativity, passion and commitment.

Authenticity is expressed through cooking that conveys the chef’s unique talents and personality, their experiences, and values as well as restaurants that make customers feel like they are visiting friends where food is served with sincerity.

Creativity is demonstrated through the special art of turning simple into spectacular using imagination, character, and sincerity in every style of cooking that is created and developed. This endlessly creative cuisine is of superior quality, whether it is minimal or high-end, experimental, or conventional. It always strives to inspire customers and all of employees and local partners.

Passion is driven by the chefs and shown in how they share their delicious awe-inspiring meals with guests and take them on a journey of the senses, culminating in an unforgettable experience. This passion is also what motivates them to work hard every day, creating exceptional moments shared with everyone as they enjoy high quality, earnest and always generous cuisine.

Commitment shines through in cuisine that protects the planet’s scarcest natural resources and the diversity of the world’s culinary traditions. The cuisine aims to be mindful, responsible, and respectful of ingredients, animal and plant species, seasonal farming practices, and the unique microclimates and local traditions where they are sourced as well as of the men and women who work at our properties.

We commend Josep Espuga as one of the Relais & Châteaux chefs striving to create the best cuisine in the world, each in their own unique way, a beautiful, grand, local cuisine, inscribing it as an intangible heritage of humanity.