Dmitriy GREK

Dmitriy GREK
Ukrainian born 1978
Contemplation 2010

After initial training in ‘art ceramics’ at the Myrhorod Art College, where Grek graduated in 1997, he furthered his studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Crafts at the Kharkiv Art and Industry Institute, earning a bachelor’s degree in Indoor and Monumental Sculpture in 2001.

Subsequently, he transferred to the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture in Kyiv, graduating as an ‘Artist-Sculptor in Fine Arts and Crafts’ in 2004.

Since then, he has exhibited regularly in Kyiv and elsewhere and is represented in collections in Italy, Spain, Russia, United States of America and Canada. In Australia, he has been represented in Sculpture by the Sea exhibitions at Bondi in 2022 and Cottesloe in 2023.

Grek’s sculpture is figurative in character and executed in the traditional materials of stone and bronze. A recurring theme in his work is travel and representations of ‘the journey’, notably in relation to allegorical journeys and the timeless notion of our ‘journey on the seas of life’. The artist asks ‘what prompts people to conquer new lands? And answers by suggesting that people yearn for new experiences and seek greater insights into their own personalities and their own lives.

In this work titled Contemplation, the schematic boat or craft is reduced to a thin and shallow bow and is propelled by two stylised but expressively modelled figures: two rowers using long stick- like oars. Both have contemplative expressions and appear to row methodically (but in the same direction?) and calmly in the quest for self-knowledge.

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