Night Imp


Australia born 1960
Night imp 2010
Glass, aluminium

Based in Glaziers Bay in southern Tasmania, sculptor Matt Calvert trained initially at the University of Tasmania before a Samstag Scholarship took him overseas for further study at London’s renowned Goldsmiths College where he graduated in 1994. Since then he has undertaken artist residencies in France, Malaysia and Japan and completed a number of large-scale public commissions. Night imp is typical of Calvert’s monumental silhouettes that resemble story-book depictions of owls, children, animals or, as here, a hollow eyed version of a mischievous hobgoblin of the sort that features in a popular video game. Also characteristic of Calvert’s sculpture is his unusual method of construction: a cold fusion lamination process using recycled fragments of toughened glass. The flat surface of the fused and laminated form is then polished to enhance its partial translucency. The overall shape is accentuated by an aluminium edge.

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