Night noise entity No. 2


Australian born 1945
Night noise entity No. 2 2011

Jock Clutterbuck practices both as a sculptor and printmaker, and is represented in collections around Australia, in Europe, New Zealand and the United States. Born In Edenhope, Victoria, Clutterbuck studied sculpture in printmaking at Royal Melbourne’s Institute of Technology in the mid-1960’s, and later taught at the Victorian College of the Arts. His carefully articulated abstract prints and sculpture reflect the artist’s abiding interesting spiritual enquiry over a period of some 40 years. This enquiry is notably wide-ranging and embraces mystical Eastern belief. In the 1970’s, with intense interest in New Age studies, Clutterbuck found inspiration in the writings on self-knowledge by Armenian-born spiritual teacher George Gurdjieff. This led to a distinctive personal vocabulary of cartouche-like shapes, stepped forms and smooth curves. At the same time, the natural world was a separate but important source of Clutterbuck’s imagery.

A vast of allusions exist in Clutterbuck’s sculpture work, and these range from Celtic motifs to Romanesque carvings. The splayed limbs of Indian bronze gods come to mind while other aspects of Clutterbuck’s forms are reminiscent of an astrolabe or suchlike scientific instrument. As the artist himself has noted, “I am much more fascinated by things that are very old than by where we are currently. They are intensely human. I have great respect for these early cultures”.

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