Reflected Moon


Australia 1940 – 2010

Reflected moon 2009 Steel, painted aluminium, brass

After completing formal studies at Prahran College of Advanced Education and later at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Blizzard worked initially as an engineering draftsman and graphic designer until 1970 when he began to concentrate full-time on sculpture, both as a practitioner and lecturer.

Based for many years in regional Victoria, Blizzard often cited a deep attachment to his local environment – native bushland – as a prevailing influence on his work. He recognised a comparable reverence for the natural world in Japanese art and culture; additional and important sources that inform his later work in particular.

The significance of the moon in Japanese culture – together with its symbolism representing a wish for a long life – are evoked in this sculpture with its gold-coloured motif, overall lightness of touch and its echoing circular and semi-circular elements suggestive of a rainbow or the moon itself.

In 2006, Blizzard was accorded the rare honour of a one-person exhibition at the Hakone Sculpture Park in Japan.

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