Shhh…don’t tell the world


Australian born 1970
Shhh…don’t tell the world 2015

Born in Perth, Western Australia, Todd Stuart cites his early exposure to his father’s work as a teacher of manual arts as the catalyst for his gaining an early proficiency in the craft skills that would later underpin his practice as a sculptor.

After studying Industrial Design at Curtin University in Western Australia, Stuart worked as a designer with manufacturers of commercial furniture. In the mid-nineties he established his own company designing and making bespoke furniture. In 2005 he set up a new business in Dubai while in 2009 he turned his attention to sculpture.

Shhh…don’t tell the world is an image of dystopian menace recalling George Orwell’s fictional accounts of totalitarian oppression. The gigantic figure of anonymous authority – with its globular torso, aggressive stance and cautionary gesture – dwarfs the tiny ‘everyman’ figure who is nonetheless defiant and gestures accordingly in response.

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