Weightless 9


Australia born 1947
Weightless 9 2009

Educated at Monash University, Andrew Rogers resides in Melbourne but works internationally. His high-profile series of colossal earth works have been created in many remote and spectacular locations around the world. They have been the subject of major publications and televised documentaries. But Rogers is also known for his prominent public commissions in Australia and abroad, as well as for free-standing sculptures that often, as here, appear to subvert the intrinsic nature of the heavy material of which they are made.

The artist achieves this kind of visual conceit with forms that could appear, at first glance, to have been created from a comparatively lightweight medium such as a ribbed textile. This notional pliability is, of course, altogether illusory but some of these works are so fluid in composition that they have a sense of weightlessness, hence the recurring title of this series.

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