Vineyard Update

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Cellar Door Manager – David Stuart

Over the last few weeks, the vineyard team have been busy pruning foliage, dropping excess fruit and beginning the process of netting the vines. As the vines start to ripen they attract the attention of birds and other wildlife. Netting ensures the crop has a chance to ripen and the nets are removed just before picking.

At this stage in the season, the fruit starts to go through a process known as ‘veraison’. This is the point at which the grapes start to gain their sweetness and the acidity levels start to fall. The red varietals start to take on their hue and the white grapes become translucent. From this point (depending on the weather) we are 30 – 70 days away from picking. The wine team will be busy making space for the new vintage – cleaning barrels, bottling last years vintage and cleaning the crushers.

It is one of the most anticipated times of the year for the Cellar Door and vignerons.

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